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Viscount FCC

About Us

Viscount FCC supply New Zealand fresh produce growers with reusable packaging solutions.

Our crates, pallets and bins are of the highest quality and are designed to meet all your packaging requirements, enhance the shelf life of your products, and increase the marketability of your produce through retailer preference of our equipment.

Viscount FCC’s crates are reusable, lowering your carbon footprint verses other forms of disposable packaging and will add value to your produce by enhancing shelf life through safe storage and transportation over long distances.



Our RPC’s have been specially designed for the New Zealand market. With three fixed and five foldable sizes, the crates are ideal for storing, transporting and displaying fresh produce. Our RPC’s either nest or fold for return, thus optimising truck and storage space. Our RPC’s represent a great cost saving over other forms of one way packaging and help reduce waste volume that would otherwise be sent to landfill.



Our foldable bins have been designed as a bulk storage and transport unit for both retail, produce handling in the New Zealand. The bin is user friendly and ideal for either robust or fragile fresh produce. The bin is extremely cost-effective due to its 3 to 1 return ratio.



Viscount FCC pallets have been specially designed for the New Zealand produce market. The pallet is a true 4 way entry pallet of robust construction to ensure peace of mind during delivery and handling processes. The four way entry design  brings additional benefits in increased vehicle utilisation, safe and efficient loading and unloading processes.


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We offer two types of Accounts

Hire – If you wish to use our equipment for the distribution of your products.
Return – If you have equipment you have received and wish to return it to Viscount FCC

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Our Circular Process

We believe that supply chains are circular in nature. Our solutions are designed to stand the test of time and transport goods throughout our vast country, time and time again.

Our class-leading asset pooling facilities are designed to increase turnaround times and provide a fast and efficient pooling process, which encapsulates our circular vision. Being reused multiple times over, and then recycled into new products and the end of their life, we have created a truly circular system.

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